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Returns meta-data on the result of an ad hoc sql query.

This procedure doesn't return a resultset. You must use the table-valued function ADMIN_METADATA to retrieve the results of the query.

You must also call ADMIN_METADATA_DESTROY when you are finished withe meta-data to remove it from the database.

Type: Stored procedure
Area of use: General use


@destroybuffer optional bit
Specifies that the text buffer specified in @textbufferid should be destroyed after executing the call. The text buffer will be destroyed if this paramter is omitted.
@errorcode optional int
Receives an error code if something goes wrong.

This is an output parameter.
@errormessage optional varchar(8000)
Receives an error message if something goes wrong.

This is an output parameter.
@resultsetid mandatory uniqueidentifier
Receives the id value you specify to the ADMIN_METADATA table-valued function to retrieve the meta-data after making this call.

This is an output parameter.
@sql mandatory varchar(8000)
The sql query to return meta-data for.

WARNING: The query will be executed.
@textbufferid optional int
Id value of a text buffer created with ADMIN_TEXTBUFFER_CREATE that contains the query to determine meta-data for. You may also specify the query with the @sql parameter.