Deprecated. Don't use for new development and try to migrate existing uses.

Type: Table-valued function

This function can be used to check whether a given email address, or a separated list of email addresses, is formally valid.

If no separation should be done (i.e. when supplying only a single address) set the @separator parameter to null.

The function returns a resultset containing the parsed email addresses and their corresponding error codes together with descriptive error messages in both swedish and english.


@txt mandatory varchar(max)
Either a single email address or a separated list of email addresses.
@separator mandatory varchar(300)
The separator between email addresses.


Resultset: @ReturnTable

Every element in the separated list is individually validated and returned on its own row in the return table.
Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: zero or more rows
id mandatory int
An id representing the position of the parsed email address in the separated list.
EmailAddress mandatory string
The email address parsed from the separated list.
ErrorCode mandatory int
A formally valid email address has a return code of 0.
ErrorMessageSwe mandatory string
A descriptive error message in Swedish.
ErrorMessageEng mandatory string
A descriptive error message in English.