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Deprecated. Don't use for new development and try to migrate existing uses.

Type: Stored procedure

From version 5.4.019 this editable procedure will not be called automatically. Instead of using it, you write your own procedure and put the name of the procedure in the application variable "ImpersonationProcedure".

You can edit this procedure to grant non-admins access to the dropdown for impersonating users shown underneath the logotype.
The resultset will populate the dropdown with users.


@UserID mandatory int
Id of the user from the UserId column of the ADMINUser table.


Resultset: Impersonable users

Users that can be selected from the dropdown.
Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: zero or more rows


<column with ordinal 1> mandatory int
Id of user to impersonate.
<column with ordinal 2> mandatory string
Text to show in the dropdown for this user.