Release Notes

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Items requiring attention
  • Deprecated string functions
    These functions have been dropped: ADMIN_ParseBigint, ADMIN_ParseInt, ADMIN_ParseStringOfIntegers, ADMIN_LTrim, ADMIN_RTrim, ADMIN_Trim, ADMIN_PadLeft, ADMIN_PadRight, ADMIN_CONVERT_BIGINT2HEX,
    ADMIN_IsBigint, ADMIN_IsInt, ADMIN_IsInteger, ADMIN_IsModulus10Compliant, ADMIN_IsNumeric, ADMIN_IsUniqueidentifier, ADMIN_IsValidEmailAddress, ADMIN_IsValidOCRNumber, ADMIN_IsValidOrganisationNumber, and ADMIN_IsValidSocialSecurityNumber.
  • Deprecated user functions
    These functions have been dropped: ADMIN_User_HasFunction, ADMIN_User_HasRole, ADMIN_User_IsSoftadminAdministrator, ADMIN_User_Functions, ADMIN_User_LanguageID, ADMIN_User_RoleId, ADMIN_GetEmailAddressByUserId, and ADMIN_GetNameByUserId.
  • KPI
    KPI will now crash if the JSON contains unknown properties.
  • Meter
    The column names Meter and Meter"AnyInt" in InfoSQL are now used to generate meters from JSON. If any old columns uses these names they need to be renamed to not crash.
    Use the "Field information" menu item to search for "Meter" to find menu items using this column name. Grid is not affected.
  • Parameter page
    If validate parameters is turned on for a menu item it will now call the procedure to validate the parameters regardless of whether the parameter page was shown or not.
    Menu items that has this set are likely to crash since the procedure might not accept the parameter @ValidateParams. See Upgrade log after upgrade to review affected menu items.
Changed functionality
  • Enterprise Search
    Enterprise Search now has the ability to set a higher weight for exact matches compared to partial matches. If not explicitly set Weight + 1 is used.
    SoftadminApi.EnterpriseSearchIndex_InsertUpdate now accepts a (optional) column WeightExact in the #SearchText table.
  • Grid
    A grid's sorted column now has an arrow icon next to its title that indicates whether the sorting order is ascending or descending.
  • Signature
    The signature control is now opened as a popup on small smallscreen devices.
New functionality
  • Azure Service Bus
    It is now possible to connect to service buses using client secrets.
  • Force
    ADMIN_Force now can now raise client sync events.
  • Link list
    New component mode for link list: Link cards.
  • Meter
    Meters can now be created using JSON in InfoSQL and has a new design.
    The old meters are not affected.
Bug fixes
  • Dropdown
    InfoText would not get updated when a dropdown received new options from a control dependency.
  • Grid
    Emojis would not be printed correctly unless "Allow HTML" was used on the field info.
  • Link cards
    Hovering over the link cards would not show a pointer cursor.
  • Magic box
    All users would be able to open the admin context menu on row, column and container links.
  • Multirow
    The first field would not get focus when loading a NewEdit if it was inside a multirow.
  • Multirow
    Mandatory fields in a multirow would sometimes display their error twice when saving.
  • Multirow
    The mandatory indicator and description icon would be placed on top of each other in multirows.
  • Popup
    Menu item shortcuts on the parent menu item could be activated from inside a popup.
  • Project inspection
    Project inspection would incorrectly complain the constraints for the table SaWebService.WebServiceCallRequestErrorLog was missing.
  • Sidebar
    When the sidebar was i minimized mode it would block the top left side of the work area for including the back button.
  • Textarea
    The Textarea character counter would count line breaks as one character even when they were being saved as two.