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Items requiring attention
  • Forwarding
    ADMIN_UnselectAll will now affect the most recent menu item that uses checkboxes instead of always clearing the previous menu item. A grid that shows checkboxes dynamically will always be treated as using checkboxes.
New functionality
  • Web Service Call
    Methods can now use "raw" requests or responses. This allows the procedure to work with the web service data in its raw form instead of using entities.
  • Web Service Call
    A method can now be set to include the HTTP status code in the store response call. If this is used then the call will no longer treat a non successful status code as an error.
  • Web Service Call
    The HTTP method PATCH is now supported.
  • Web Service Call
    Additional requests can now be created in the store response calls. They will be added to the end of the call queue.
  • Web Service Call
    Methods can now specify HTTP headers that should be passed to the procedure from the response.
Bug fixes
  • Breadcrumbs
    Fixes a null pointer in the breadcrumbs generation when a menu item using the advanced setting CID nexus is the both first menu item in the breadcrumbs and is visited again.
  • Field Validation
    If a SQL validation depended on a multirow it would not trigger when fields inside the multirow where changed.
  • Graph
    Graph would only execute ten times as a job after each server restart.
  • Guides
    The value would appear as (Invalid value) after choosing an icon in the Search, New, Edit, Delete and Detail guide.
  • N/A
    The color of system icons would not be displayed in popups.
  • SAML
    SAML-signature verification would treat all XML containing superfluous whitespace as having an invalid signature.
  • Spinner
    The spinner would sometimes not start when navigating to a visible menu item.
  • System icons
    System icons would always use the default color when displayed in a grid in a popup or inline popup.
  • Web service call
    Web service call would only execute ten times as a job after each server restart.