Release Notes

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Items requiring attention
  • Link List
    Link List will no longer show icons for the links unless explicitly specified by the procedure.
  • Multipart
    The design for Multipart has been changed and some margins have been adjusted. The layout of your existing multiparts may need to be reworked, though this is far more likely if you have specified explicit pixel bounds for the parts instead of using fit-to-contents.
Changed functionality
  • Calendar
    The mobile version of the Weekdays Calendar now has a new design.
  • InfoSQL
    InfoSQL will remember which boxes a user has opened and closed.
  • Link List
    The Link List component now has a new design.
  • Version history
    The "Version history" menu item now excludes internal objects by default.
New functionality
  • Image Process
    A new GetMetadata command to get the pixel size of an image.
  • Links
    A new link type, Forward link, that can be used with ADMIN_ForwardLink, as a replacement for ADMIN_ForwardMenuItem. Using forward links will make it more obvious how menu items in the system are connected.
  • Multipart
    You can use the new HasBorder column to hide borders on individual parts.
Bug fixes
  • Detailview
    The detailview would crash when using row browsing while not having any top links.
  • Field info
    Field info created using "Save as copy" would make export bundles crash when added.
  • Grid
    Grid column resize handles could cover row "extra text".
  • Grid
    The checkbox of the last row of the current page would have a rounded corner.
  • InfoSql
    Menu items would crash if they used InfoSql links but the InfoSql parameter page call did not return any passing fields for those links.
  • JavaScript links
    If a menu item had JavaScript links then its parameter page would suffer a null pointer exception on load.
  • Linear process
    All steps in a Linear process would be layouted on top of each other when used in a multipart.
  • Linear process
    All steps in a Linear process would by layouted on top of each other when used in a multipart.
  • Magic Box
    Row links, Box links, and Container/cell links would sometimes show the wrong icon.
  • Magic Box
    At most one link of each type would be shown for Row links, Column links, and Container/cell links.
  • Multipart
    Part of the date picker would be hidden if it were inside a multipart part where it did not fit.
  • P27
    SoftadminUtil.P27_Camt_CreditNotificationDetails_Definition would not allow NULL for Amount and Currency which would cause SoftadminUtil.P27_Camt_054_001_02_Parse to crash if the file did not contain that information.
  • Path to menu item
    Path to menu item would crash when the menu item had static forwarding to itself.
  • Pivot Grid
    Row links would sometimes show the wrong icon.
  • Web service publish
    Web service publish would not display temp table creating in its error message when crashing.
  • Weekdays calendar (mobile)
    Todays date would be layouted wrong if it was the first of the month in the month view of the weekdays mobile calendar.