Release Notes

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Items requiring attention
  • InfoSQL
    You are unlikely to be affected, but you can no longer mix the JavaScript column with normal box fields in the same table. This was never allowed according to the documentation, but in practice it did work in earlier versions.
  • Magic Box
    Boxes will now be added to containers in the same order that they are returned from the database.
  • Menu subgroups
    The Description property for a subgroup will now be shown as text in the menu group.
  • Saved search
    Custom saved search procedures (from the system setting SavedSearchSearchProcedure) are no longer sorted in the procedure. Custom procedures should now neither use the @OrderBy parameter nor return the row count.
Changed functionality
  • Multi-picker
    The multi-picker control now has a new design.
  • Parameter pages
    There are now two types of parameter pages: "Search", and "Execute". "Search" parameter pages will have the default button label "Search", and "Execute" parameter pages will have "OK". The default is to use "Search" for visible menu items.
  • Small screen
    The start page will now be displayed when a user logs in instead of the menu.
  • Treeview
    The Treeview component now has a new design.
New functionality
  • Calendar
    The dates currently shown in the calendar view will now be marked in the mini calendar in the calendar sidebar.
  • Color themes
    Color themes now contain style options. These are options that can be toggled on or off. For example having a green excel button.
  • Delete
    The delete component may now use SoftadminApi.SyncEntity_RaiseChanged.
  • Editable grid
    Editable grid may now start in edit mode with focus on any row.
  • Execute
    The execute component may now use SoftadminApi.SyncEntity_RaiseChanged.
  • Export bundle
    Export bundle custom scripts can now be added as deploy scripts.
  • JavaScript
    You can now pass parameters to your JavaScript by putting them in columns following the JavaScript column.
  • Magic Box
    Magic box now supports collaborative editing, meaning that clients that receive changes that occur elsewhere without having to reload the page. See the Magic box documentation for more details.
  • Magic Box
    The drag&drop call may now use SoftadminApi.SyncEntity_RaiseChanged.
  • Magic Box
    Partial updates can now delete boxes from the page.
  • Magic Box
    Basic support for drop groups.
  • NewEdit
    All failed field validations will now be shown in a list on top of the page after saving.
  • NewEdit
    The insert/update call may now use SoftadminApi.SyncEntity_RaiseChanged.
Bug fixes
  • BankID sign-in
    Clicking "Go back" on the "Sign in with BankID" page would log the error "BankID error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
  • File upload area
    The file upload area would crash if it had validation that used only one of max size and allowed extensions.
  • InfoSql
    Icons in InfoSql fields would be layouted on top of the text instead of next to it.
  • Magic Box
    The BackgroundColor column for boxes was ignored.
  • Magic Box
    If you used the container stripes feature together with container HeadingHTML or HeadingText the stripes would render on top of the heading, effectively hiding it. Stipes will now begin after the heading.
  • Mobile
    This hotfix rolls back the show start menu item on mobile login feature, as it prevented mobile Safari users from scrolling the menu. A fixed version of the feature will return in 7.31.
  • Multirow
    Sometimes the contents of Textareas in Multirows would lose line breaks when saving.
  • NewEdit
    Field validation error message boxes would prevent tab from moving cursor to the next field.
  • Notifications
    The notification drawer would close immediately after opening since Chrome (and Edge) 112.
  • Notifications
    Notifications would sometimes not be ordered chronologically.
  • Treeview links
    It was not possible to set icon or sort order for Treeview node links.
  • Validation
    A field's mandatory validation message would include <br> if the field label had line breaks.
  • Weekdays calendar
    Sometimes when expanding a week, not all calendar posts would be visible.
  • Version control system
    Sometimes broken diffs would be generated causing "Compare versions" to crash.
  • Version Upgrade
    Version upgrade did not use the Proxy system setting.