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Items requiring attention
  • Calendar
    The column Tooltip in the calendar no longer handles HTML., Use the new column TooltipHtml if the tooltip should contain HTML.
  • SoftadminApi.User
    The UsernameFirst, UsernameLast, FirstNameLastName, LastNameFirstName and UsernameFull columns have all been changed from varchar to nvarchar.
Changed functionality
  • Favorites
    Menu items with parameter pages can now only be added as a favorite when on the parameter page and not on the search results.
New functionality
  • BankID
    The new menu item "BankID statistics" shows the usage of Mobile BankID.
  • Favorites
    It is now possible for users to save menu items with passing fields as favorites as long as the passing fields are safe. Specifying which passing fields are considered safe is done in the menu item's advanced settings.
  • Forwarding
    It's now possible to refer to links and menu items by alias (as opposed to linkid/menuitemid) in dynamic forwarding and in the "menuItemPopup" call.
  • Grid
    You can now dynamically control the visibility of a row's checkbox using the resultset column Row_ShowCheckBox.
  • HTML
    The size of the HTML control's window can now be set in its settings.
  • Menu group
    You can now add a description of a menu group, which is shown in a box above the menu items. The old "Description" field for menu groups - which really contained the menu group's tooltip text - has been renamed to "Tooltip".
  • Parameter page
    Parameter input pages now supports headings and separators. They are created and managed for each menu item from "Parameters for this menu item".
  • SAML Single Sign-on
    Login now supports Single Sign-on using the SAML 2.0 standard for web-based SSO.
  • SIE
    The SIE component now supports choosing which type of line break is used in the generated document.
  • SoftadminApi
    The new SQL procedures "SoftadminApi.Notification_EnqueueBatch" and "SoftadminApi.LoginLinkInstance_InsertBatch" allow multiple notifications and login link instances to be created at once.
  • Theme
    The text and background colors for Heading and Heading with checkbox can now be customized under Theme > Colors > Boxes > InputPageHeadingText/InputpageHeadingBackground.
  • Web Service Call
    Web Service Call now supports uniqueidentifier and bigint as primary key.
  • Web Service Publish
    Web Service Publish now supports bigint as primary key.
Bug fixes
  • Breadcrumbs
    Breadcrumbs would not display correctly when a link in the multipart used forwarding.
  • Breadcrumbs
    Breadcrumbs would not display correctly when navigating from a multipart to a detailview.
  • Calendar
    Day/resource links in the more button did not work properly.
  • Control Value Integrity Protection
    Control value integrity protection would sometimes prevent saving when a control was hidden by a passing field with the same name.
  • Control Value Integrity Protection
    Control value integrity protection would prevent saving parameters again after clicking "Cancel" in an ADMIN_Force dialog.
  • Dropdown
    A dropdown parameter only containing input constants and no sql could not be saved.
  • Email
    Could not send email that used menu item attachments.
  • Enterprise search
    The indexing job would crash when two texts containing the same word were indexed within a short time span.
  • Excel
    Excel component would crash if the internal order of the tables in the template differed from their visual order.
  • Grid
    Aggregate rows in the exported excel document would display bit values as TRUE/FALSE instead of Yes/No.
  • Grid
    If all columns assigned to field groups were hidden using the column picker the headings would not be properly displayed.
  • Job
    Jobs would crash when referring to "current menu item id" in its bindings.
  • Pivot grid
    Pivot grid would crash when the style column was not used.
  • Pivot grid
    Pivot grid would crash is there was NULL values in a varchar column.
  • Resource calendar
    Using the enter button to confirm a date choice would activate the first top link instead.
  • Scheduled Jobs
    Changing a continuous job to a type that could not be continuous retained its continuous scheduling.
  • Tab view
    Parameter pages in tab views using fit to content would not set the height correctly.
  • Users
    Special characters in a User's name would appear as "?"
  • Web Snippets
    It was not possible to create multiple sites with the same Snippets URL.
  • Version control system
    "Show changes during selected date interval" would say that no version was selected if the search was made using from and to dates instead of last deploy occasion
  • Version History
    The version history would not register changes that only affected casing.
  • Zip Archive
    Zip archive would crash if [Directory] came before [Name] in the resultset.