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Items requiring attention
  • Language support
    Languages will now be deployed. If language support is turned on, make sure the languages have the same settings and LanguageId in all instances of the system before deploying.
  • Menu dropdowns
    The redirect call no longer allows more than one result set.
  • Multipart
    Multipart parts with explicit height set might need a different height to prevent scrollbars.
Changed functionality
  • AzureAD SSO
    Logs errors returned from the Azure servers if an error occurs while a user tries to log in.
  • Calendar
    A new setting, Day Height, allows you to change the height (in pixels) of the resource schedule and week schedule.
  • InfoSQL
    Choosing whether to show info boxes above or below the menu item has been moved from a column in the InfoSQL procedure to a setting on the menu item.
  • Jobs and events
    Menu items jobs and events may no longer have a timeout longer than 12 hours.
  • Notifications
    The notification icon will animate briefly when a new notification arrives.
  • SmallScreenSupport setting
    The SmallScreenSupport setting has been removed. Now smallscreen support is always enabled for all systems.
  • User interface
    The graphical design has been revised.
New functionality
  • Advanced Single Sign-on
    A new setting, SingleSignOnServerAddress, in case you need to fetch user information from another LDAP server than the default for the web server.
  • Bankgiro
    It is now possible to reject new mandates via the Internet bank in the AgMedgivReg call by using the IsRejected column.
  • Calendar
    You can now choose to use checkboxes and {selecteditems} with the calendar component.
  • Grid
    Exclusive row links can now share column.
  • Grid
    Re-sorting can now be disabled.
  • Grid
    Extra information can be shown below grid rows by using the Row_ExtraText or Row_ExtraHtml columns.
  • HTTP Request Component
    Support for custom headers.
  • Links
    You can now choose to open a linked menu item in a popup.
  • Notifications
    A button to dismiss all notifications.
  • Single Sign-on
    A new setting, SingleSignOnUsernameMode, to choose between sAMAccountName or userPrincipalName.
  • Single Sign-on
    A new mode, Azure AD Mixed Single Sign-on, where users can either log in with username and password or click a button that redirects them to the Azure portal for SSO.
  • Tab View
    Dynamic tabs can now use the IsSelected column to choose which tab should be open when the menuitem first loads.
  • Tab View
    New Height setting, fit to contents, which causes tabs to adapt their height to the height of the contained menu item.
  • Web Service Publish
    Basic authentication may now be used for published REST web services.
Bug fixes
  • Bankgiro
    Getting Ssno and OrgNo in the bankgiro files would crash the component.
  • Calendar
    Changing the calendar Start date setting from "Get to parameter" would not clear the reference to the parameter.
  • Date
    Date parameters would crash.
  • Default Menu Group
    The default menu group for a role would not be applied directly after the role was changed.
  • Development Tools
    The view SaDevTools.MenuItem_API_V3 is not compatible with Softadmin Tool.
  • Downloadfile Component
    The Retrieve file call should support raiserror-style admin_message.
  • Dropdown InfoText/InfoHtml
    InfoText/InfoHtml was placed on the right of the dropdown instead of beneath it.
  • Excel Templates
    An Excel template containing a chart with hidden series would cause a null pointer exception.
  • Field validation
    Validation of invisible fields would stop the user from saving.
  • Grid
    Columns would not get correct width when using system icons or any kind of cell link.
  • Grid
    The column picker would crash when saving if column casing was changed.
  • Integration with maintenance center
    Sending errors to the maintenance center would not work in some cases.
  • Links
    Links could display multiple spinners when clicked repeatedly.
  • Login page
    The background of the login page would not fit correctly.
  • Login page background
    The login page background would be deleted.
  • Mobile
    Viewable area did not use full screen.
  • MS Exchange
    The exchange component would not proceed with additional steps if the previous step returned no rows.
  • Multipart
    On smallscreen devices, multipart parts too wide to fit the screen could not be scrolled.
  • Multirow
    When a multirow had its contents replaced by default-value dependency, if it contained dropdowns then for those rows whose values were equal to the rows being replaced the dropdown would be set to null instead of that value.
  • Multirow
    Spacing between fields in multirows would be inconsistent.
  • N/A
    When removing the last row of a multi-row the "allow html" property would be lost for the fields.
  • New/Edit menu item
    The same parameter could not be implicitly created when introduced in SQL and InfoSQL in one step.
  • NewEdit
    Dependencies would crash if the value was invalid and the original value was NULL.
  • Notifications
    The notification window would not open when the user had too many notifications.
  • Parameter page
    Using "to the right of" on multiple dropdown or textbox with autosuggest fields would cause the parameter page to crash.
  • Parameter page
    Parameter pages using saved searches would not show the OK/Cancel buttons on small screens.
  • Profiler log
    The profiler log would occasionally crash when opened.
  • Project inspection
    Health checks would always generate an application error, even when there was nothing to report.
  • RTF/PDF Component
    The Retrieve rtf template and Retrieve document data calls should support raiserror-style admin_message.
  • Textbox with Autosearch
    If a textbox with autosearch was slow enough for the spinner to activate and the user continued typing then their new input could accidentally replace the whole contents of the textbox.
  • Time
    The default value of time controls would crash.
  • Web service call
    Web service call would crash for methods where no response entity was specified.
  • Web service call
    A web service call response with no content-type specified would cause a null pointer exception.
  • Webservice Publishing
    Any Webservice Publish entity that was used in multiple places in a webservice tree would have unsynchronized id-counters for its staging table.