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New functionality
  • XML web services
    Support for an empty container name when publishing web services using XML, allowing child elements to be nested directly inside their parent without a wrapper.
Bug fixes
  • API
    External tools couldn't delete menu items.
  • Edit Function
    The menu item Edit function would put the Function's name in both the name and description fields, potentially overwriting the existing description if you saved it.
  • Grid
    Column headers would be displayed on top of the first row on small screens.
  • Mobile interface
    The menu group list would be shorter than the height of the phone.
  • Navigation Bar
    The more-button did not have an icon.
  • Planner
    Planner items would be shown in the wrong column in week views.
  • Tab View
    Menu items in detailview tabs could get an unwanted horizontal scrollbar in Internet Explorer.
  • Web Service Call
    You could get a null reference exception when trying to send nested JSON structures with the web service call component.
  • Web Service Call
    The StoreResponse action was not invoked when calling methods without a response entity.
  • Web Service Publishing
    Web services could not receive data in varbinary fields.