Release Notes

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Changed functionality
  • Login
    When ShowUsernamePasswordFields is disabled, change HTTP code for login page from 403 to 200.
Bug fixes
  • ADMINPackageInstallScriptType
    Fixes scriptinfo for ADMINPackageInstallScriptType.
  • Chrome browser
    When logging in, opening menu item help, or a popup, the user would sometimes get a blank right frame instead of a menu item.
  • Column Picker
    The colum picker would not show a scroll bar in the column list when it contained more columns than would fit on the screen.
  • Guides
    The "Search, New, Edit, Delete och Detail" guide would crash on fixed lookup tables.
  • Jobs running menu items
    If a menu item job using a foreground component, like Custom Component or MS Exchange tries to start when the database is unavailable then that job will never start again until the application is restarted
  • MenuItem event listeners
    Menu item event listeners could get stuck and not process certain arguments to SoftadminApi.Event_Raise until an application pool restart, while others would be processed as normal.
  • New/Edit Setting
    Some javascript buttons to the New/Edit setting menu item were broken, most notably those from edit web service.
  • NewEdit
    Fixes various alignment issues with the new layout.
  • Notifications
    Systems with notifications enabled would create a truly excessive amount of temp files, even when no notifications were sent.
  • Pivot Grid
    Pivot Grid rows were not striped.