Release Notes

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Items requiring attention
  • Chart
    When using an explicit y-axis (YAxis.Values is set), the value 0 is no longer added automatically. Make sure the value 0 is added if needed. Implicit y-axes (YAxis.Values has no value) are unchanged.
  • File
    The File control no longer supports multiple files. All multi-file controls have been converted to File Upload Areas.
    All columns in the multi-file temporary table sent to the InsertUpdate procedure are present in the file upload area temporary table as well, but the file upload area table also includes a FileId column.
  • SoftadminGuide.Table_Aliases
    The input parameters have changed somewhat. Change
    SoftadminGuide.Table_Aliases(@TableId, @Joins)
    SoftadminGuide.Table_Aliases(SoftadminGuide.ParseParameter_Tables_AliasJson(@TableId, @Joins), NULL)
  • Web Service Call
    When using Web Service Call to send data using the BinaryContent column i raw mode the component will now crash if the ContentType column is set and a header named "Content-Type" exists in the Header resultset. Use the column only.
    There was a bug ignoring the ContentType column, so now it is fixed there is a risk it has been added twice.
Changed functionality
  • Chart
    The size of the data point markers for line chart have been decreased if there are many data points.
  • Checkbox Tree
    The behavior of shift+clicking checkboxes to select multiple rows has been changed to align more closely with the Windows standard.
  • Grid
    Field group headings are now converted to merged cells when exported to Excel.
  • Maintenance warnings
    Users that are not admins will no longer be able to log in to the system when the system is under maintenance.
  • Node Graph
    IconColor will now also affect the background color of boxes, not just the icon.
  • Page Plugins
    Page Plugins (all menu items) will no longer execute for each individual menu item in a multipart, just for the multipart menu item itself.
  • Radio Cards
    Radio Cards are now smaller when using a system icon as image.
New functionality
  • Chart
    Added support for horizontal bar charts.
  • Chart
    Bar and line charts can now display negative values.
  • Enterprise Search
    The Enterprise Search component now has a new design.
  • File
    The File control now has a new design.
  • File
    The File control may now display an existing file in edit mode by using SoftadminApi.FileControl_CreateExistingFileToken.
  • Forwarding definitions
    It is now possible to reload the parent menu item when a popup is closed using "ADMIN_ClosePopupAndReloadOpener".
  • Grid
    Grid rows may now have an accessibility title to identify the row to users with screen readers.
  • Grid
    It's now possible to select multiple grid checkboxes by using shift+click.
  • Link List
    The Link Cards component mode now supports different sizes of the cards.
  • Multirow
    The default new row behavior for new multirows created will be "UI Button and Ctrl+Enter" instead of "UI Button, Tab and Ctrl+Enter". No multirows are changed, but the recommendation is to manually make this change before or after upgrade. See the script below to change all existing multirows.
    UPDATE dbo.ADMINFieldInfoControlSpecific SET
    Value = '3'
    FieldInfoId < 90000 AND
    SpecialfieldName = 'AddRowButtonLocation';
  • Node Graph
    The column "NodeColor" has been introduced to easily set the background color of a node. Always use a light color, as the nodes text will be dark regardless.
  • PDF Template Editor
    New component: PDF Template Editor.
  • Planner
    Planner filters now allow NULL as ID.
  • Planner
    Two new Planner view modes are now available: "Half year" and "Year".
  • Radio Buttons
    Improved screen reader support for radio buttons.
  • Web Service Publish
    When creating published web services the security settings will default to the most secure setting of previously existing web services.
Bug fixes
  • BankID
    The "Use BankID on this device" button did not work in Safari.
  • Detailview
    Tabs using fit to content that had been loaded, but were not currently displayed would turn empty when the user switched between browser tabs.
  • Enterprise search
    Enterprise search would crash when multiple words were searched and none of the words had a exact match in the index.
  • Export bundle
    Parameters using input constants or JavaScript buttons could not be copied using export bundles.
  • Export bundle
    Export bundles in hotfix-mode would crash if menu item functions of scripted menu items that already existed in the target system were changed.
  • Field validation
    Messages from field validation would not escape special characters correctly.
  • Grid
    Row links that were hidden and were using disabled reason would not be hidden in the context menu.
  • Image Gallery
    Image extra info headings would always start with a lower case letter when displayed.
  • InfoSQL
    Some absolute URLs were not recognized as absolute for ExternalEmbedUrl.
  • InfoSql
    The street view icon would not be shown when embedding google maps in InfoSql.
  • Link list
    The link cards size setting dropdown would default to "Medium" even though the actual size was "Large".
  • Message box
    Field validation would incorrectly escape special characters when showing a message box on save with failed validations.
  • Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SNI
    The files Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SNI.x64.dll or Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SNI.x86.dll may have been locked by the web server, which prevented deploy or upgrade from upgrading them to the latest version.
  • Parameter
    Parameters using the Time control and the database type "time" would cause the parameter page to crash when the user came back to the parameter page.
  • Password control
    A NewEdit with password controls would crash if the insert procedure used ADMIN_Force.
  • Planner
    The planner would sometimes navigate to the wrong quarter when using the navigation buttons or the quarter dropdown.
  • Planner
    The "Year" dropdown would not be updated with new years when browsing dates in the future.
  • Planner
    The same week in future years could be marked as the week containing today's date.
  • Planner
    Planners with time scale would not apply extra column info unless the the view started at midnight.
  • Popup
    If a global shortcut was used while a popup was open, it would open inside the popup as well.
  • Popup
    A popup would sometimes trigger keyboard events in it's parent instead of it's own menu item.
  • Popup
    A popup in another popup would sometimes load the parent menu item in it's own popup, instead of closing the popup.
  • Radio button
    The layout when using number of columns for non transposed radio buttons have been fixed.
  • Radio button
    The HTML column of radio buttons would not be interpreted as HTML.
  • Radio buttons
    Radio buttons do no longer respect the number of columns setting in small screen mode.
  • Textarea
    Undo (Ctrl-Z) did not work in textareas using character counter after pasting text. It now works unless the pasted text is longer than the maximum allowed length.
  • Tool
    The URL to Map would not be updated correctly if the system was moved and the Tool URL required windows authentication. The credentials of the application pool user will not be used for this call.
  • Treeview
    Treeview would crash if a node was expanded but no child nodes were received.
  • Treeview
    Treeview would crash if a node was expanded and then had its parent minimized before the new nodes was retrieved from the server.
  • Web Service Call
    When using Web Service Call to send binary data i raw mode the ContentType column was ignored.
  • Web Snippets
    Buttons containing HTML would sometimes not trigger clicks.