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Bug fixes
  • API
    External tools couldn't delete menu items.
  • AzureAD
    AzureAD login will break in some future, as of yet unreleased version of the Chrome browser due to changes to how a cookie without an explicit SameSite attribute is treated.
  • Excel
    Excel export did not format the exported data as a table.
  • HTML Editor
    The floating table toolbar would sometimes cover parts of the table.
  • Login Email Verification
    Auto login links did not work together with login email verification.
  • N/A
    Internal invalid objects were not deleted.
  • Planner
    Planner items would be shown in the wrong column in week views.
  • Saved Searches
    Using link setting Saved search passing field failed to load the saved search specified.
  • Web service call
    Fields could not override with a empty namespace for response data.