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Changed functionality
  • Excel Templates
    Excel templates can now create multiple copies of a worksheet.
  • Login page
    You can now hide the username/password fields for systems where users are not normally expected to log in manually.
New functionality
  • Grid
    Grids can now be grouped by a column by using the "Initial grouping" menu item setting.
  • Web Service Call
    Support for using a client certificate when calling.
Bug fixes
  • Dropdown InfoText/InfoHtml
    InfoText/InfoHtml was placed on the right of the dropdown instead of beneath it.
  • Guides
    The "Search, New, Edit, Delete och Detail" guide would crash on fixed lookup tables.
  • Integration with maintenance center
    Sending errors to the maintenance center would not work in some cases.
  • Mobile
    Viewable area did not use full screen.
  • Multipart
    On smallscreen devices, multipart parts too wide to fit the screen could not be scrolled.
  • Multirow
    Spacing between fields in multirows would be inconsistent.
  • New/Edit Setting
    Some javascript buttons to the New/Edit setting menu item were broken, most notably those from edit web service.
  • NewEdit
    Fixes various alignment issues with the new layout.
  • Parameter page
    Parameter pages using saved searches would not show the OK/Cancel buttons on small screens.
  • Project inspection
    Health checks would always generate an application error, even when there was nothing to report.
  • Radio Buttons
    If the set of options was updated by field dependencies then any newlines in the button labels would be lost.
  • Textbox with Autosearch
    If you use the setFieldValue javascript function to clear the contents of the textbox and the user then performs a search with no results then the textbox would be restored to the text it contained before being cleared. The ID value would still be null.
  • Web Service Publishing
    If a service method had both a request entity and URL parmeters then the service would fail to start.