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Items requiring attention
  • Multi-listbox
    It is now an error to have a default value containing duplicates.
Changed functionality
  • HTML
    The HTML editor now strips name, id, and data attributes when pasting.
  • Planner
    The resource extra info and aggregate now respects linebreaks.
    However the size of the boxes are still static depending on the menu item settings.
  • Uneditable text
    Uneditable text no longer uses the display setting "Allow HTML" to determine if it should escape its HTML in newedit pages. Instead a control specific setting has been added with the additional option of allowing HTML without replacing existing line breaks with <br> tags.
  • Visual
    Info box title links no longer create redundant top links.
New functionality
  • Date
    Min and max dates can now be used for date controls in an editable grid.
  • Detailview
    Detailviews now support reordering of tabs with drag & drop by holding the control key (for development only, users can not reorder tabs).
  • Excel
    The Excel component now has a component mode "Import" that can be used to import the contents of Excel files to the database.
  • JavaScript links
    A new link type that can be used with Api.followLink.
  • Parameter page
    Parameter pages now support reordering of parameters and parameter headings with drag & drop by holding the control key (for development only, users can not reorder parameters).
  • Session variables
    New session variable IsTablet.
  • Session variables
    New session variables ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight.
  • Time
    Mininum and maximum time can now be used for time controls in an editable grid.
  • Zip Archive
    The Zip Archive component can now be used with event listeners.
Bug fixes
  • Calendar
    The today button of the small screen calendar would display the month from today and forward instead of the whole month.
  • Control Value Integrity Protection
    Hidden mandatory radio buttons with "Start empty" set and no value selected would trigger control value integrity protection errors.
  • Control Value Integrity Protection
    Control value integrity protection would sometimes prevent saving when a control contained line breaks.
  • Editable grid
    Editable grid would not add hidden columns to the #Row table when editing cells. This would likely cause the component to crash when someone edited a cell.
  • Editable grid
    An editable grid would crash after editing a field if a previous edit had changed the sum in an aggregate row.
  • Editable grid
    Mandatory textbox with autosearch controls would open a message box that could not be closed if it started as NULL and was left empty.
  • Enterprise search
    Cell links in search results would not be formatted as clickable links.
  • Grid
    Grids would sometimes get additional whitespace underneath if it contained long texts. This became apparent in tabs and multiparts where it resulted in a scrollbar.
  • Heading (Collapsible)
    A collapsible heading would expand if a validation error was triggered on one of its fields even when the field was not visible.
  • InfoSQL
    When using a picture control as the first control in an info box the remaining columns would not have the correct width.
  • InfoSQL
    The _style-column had no effect in InfoSQL.
  • JavaScriptButton
    JavaScript buttons would not have the correct height in multi-rows with controls taller than one line, for example textareas.
  • Job
    Jobs running every X minutes/hours would slowly drift a little later for each run until it eventually skipped one run.
  • Job
    Jobs with inverted timespans for example 23:00 to 01:00 the next day would only run once.
  • Link
    Adding a passing field to a link would cause an application error.
  • Magic Box
    Menu items without Column links and Container/cell links would not work and would be blank.
  • Magic box
    The Y-axis label would appear below the row headings.
  • Magic Box
    Rows in a Magic box would not respect LineColor if no rows had a heading.
  • Magic Box
    Boxes would still persist when they were removed by a drag-and-drop operation.
  • Magic Box
    Box links would not show when clicking a box.
  • Multirow
    Column labels would have "null" as tooltip for non-admin users.
  • Newedit
    Fields that had "false" as their visibility expression would be sent to the Insert/Update as NULL if the last heading on the newedit was an unchecked heading with checkbox.
  • Pivot grid
    The css styling from the xxx_Style column would dissapear when a user sorted on a column or row.
  • Popups
    Popup windows would close if a ADMIN_Message was triggered at the second level of popups or deeper.
  • Project inspection
    If there were warnings issued by the health checks, error messages and error log entries would still be generated, even if all warnings were marked as ignored.
  • Saved search
    The button for changing saved searches displayed its label in swedish for english users.
  • Session variables
    IsMobile would incorrecly assume iPad Pro was not a mobile unit.
  • Textbox with autosearch
    The options in textbox with autosearch could not be selected on Mac computers with a small screen.
  • Visual
    "Edit info box" would lose the files belonging to Picture fields.
    Info boxes with Picture fields without files would crash.
  • Visual
    "Edit menu item" would crash if there were fields without a label.