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Items requiring attention
  • Web service publish
    Published SOAP services would not respect the scheme of web service URL and always use HTTPS. They will now use the scheme of the web service URL. This should not be an issue unless the web service is configured incorrectly, but will be breaking if it is configured incorrectly.
    Make sure the web service URL uses the correct scheme prefix (https:// or http://) in all instances.
New functionality
  • Alert
    The popup alerts now have a new design.
  • Checkbox
    Checkboxes now have a new design.
  • Column picker
    The column picker now has a new design.
  • Forwarding definitions
    Forwarding definitions now support the column "ADMIN_RefreshMenu" which will refresh the sidebar.
  • Grid
    The grid has a new design.
  • Help pages
    General help pages can now be grouped in a folder hierarchy.
  • Help pages
    It is now possible to create links between help pages.
  • Login page
    The login page now has a new design
  • Menu dropdown
    Menu dropdowns can now be used to control the logotype.
  • New/Edit menu item
    The value for "Function block" can now be set to be automatically derived from the menu item's SQL procedure. Also, the function block dropdown is now sorted by schema name.
  • NewEdit
    Custom buttons that do not require all mandatory fields can now be created.
  • Textarea
    Textareas now have a setting to show the current and maximum character count.
  • Textbox
    Textbox now displays specific virtual keyboards for Integer/Decimal/Email/Phone on devices using virtual keyboards.
    Integer/Decimal keyboards are displayed if the field data type is an integer or decimal.

    Email/Phone keyboards are displayed if input validation of the type is being used.
Bug fixes
  • Alert
    Popup alerts would always be shown at the top in tabs with fit to content.
  • Bankgiro Link
    File parsing would crash.
  • Browse buttons
    The browse buttons would not be shown when the menu item name covered the entire header in standard mode.
  • Calendar
    The context menu was not placed correctly when opened by the more-button in smallscreen devices.
  • Column picker
    Column picker would often be placed outside of the visible area in tabs with fit to content.
  • Column picker
    The column picker action reset did not refresh all parts in a multipart.
  • Editable Grid
    The option lists for textbox with and time controls were too short in editable grid.
  • Exchange
    Exchange.WebServices.dll was missing.
  • Export bundles
    The "Add SQL module" menu item would crasch.
  • Favorite
    Favorites added on menu items with a MainTitle set would display the original menu item name.
  • File Manager SFTP
    When using the List command with Recursive=1, the component would get stuck in an infinite loop if the server returned the "." directory in the listing.
  • Grid
    _Style column could not override border style.
  • Help
    The {BoxLinks} tag would always be empty. It has now been removed.
  • InfoSQL
    InfoSQL fields containing HTML lists, tables, headings and links would inherit unwanted styling. The HTML content now has some basic styling.
  • InfoSQL
    Icon badges would not be displayed correctly on low resolution screens when zooming out in the browser.
  • Job
    Job history was not being cleared.
  • Login page
    The Sign in with Microsoft-button did not go to the correct URL.
  • Multipart
    Grids would get a vertical scrollbar in multipart.
  • Multipart
    The top link navigator menu would open to the right in multipart parts.
  • Notifications
    Text would be broken mid word in notifications.
  • Page header
    The page header would cover context menus that intersected with it.
  • Pivot grid
    The pivot grid would crash if the "_html" column was set and the cell value was NULL. The crash has been replaced with a user friendly error message.
  • Project inspection
    Project inspection would incorrectly complain about a missing index.
  • Slow menu items
    The logging of slow menu items would crash.
  • SMTP with MimeKit or Graph
    When sending mail using MimeKit or Graph instead of System.Net.Mail, attachments would not get their ContentID assigned.
  • Spinner
    The virtual keyboard would be displayed when the spinner appeared.
  • Start page
    If the start page did redirect the system would crash when the user logged in.
  • Top links
    The top link navigator button would sometimes not be shown when it should.
  • Treeview
    The node link buttons had different sizes depending on which icon was used.