Release Notes

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Changed functionality
  • Email
    Adjusts the new warnings when the email procedure is too slow to be logged less frequently.
  • Enterprise Search
    The character é will be treated as e.
  • ImageProcess
    ImageProcess will now rotate photos according to the EXIF orientation attribute to reflect the orientation the camera had while taking them.
  • LDAP
    Enables Kerberos signing and encryption for all LDAP communication used by Advanced SSO and the Active Directory component.
New functionality
  • HTTP Request
    Support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded for POST data.
Bug fixes
  • Job
    Combining the setting "must run" with the monthly interval for a job would cause it to execute every 15 days.
  • Multirow
    Multirows would crash when using the data types money or smallmoney.
  • Multirow
    If a multirow started hidden then it would not show the reorder row buttons even when made visible. The buttons would only appear when rows were added or deleted.
  • Web service
    The job "Remove old data" would never finish if there were entries to be deleted from the web service performance log.
  • Web service
    Autofill fields would crash for Edit web service entity.