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Changed functionality
  • Dynamic field info
    The column AllowHtml can now be used in NewEdit as well.
New functionality
  • Checkbox tree
    A new control, Checkbox tree, is now available.
  • Mobile Grid
    You can use the Row_ListViewTitle and Row_ListViewText or Row_ListViewHtml columns to give better row summaries than the first column in the grid would offer.
  • Parameters
    Parameters now support the nullchoice setting for the relevant control types.
  • Popup
    There is now a button to close the current menu item popup without having to navigate back to the first menu item in the breadcrumb chain.
  • Progress bar
    The progress bar now has a new design.
  • Time
    The time picker now supports inverted choosable time intervals (e.g. 18:00 - 7:00).
  • Web Service Call
    You can now send the command "ClearQueue" during the SQL calls "StoreResponse" and "StoreRawResponse" to clear the request queue.
Bug fixes
  • Checkbox tree
    Checkbox tree was not usable as parameter.
  • Checkbox tree
    The "Show all" checkbox of Checkbox tree did select all nodes. It is supposed to only select the visible nodes when a filter is applied.
  • Error Log
    The Application errors and log menu item would crash if there were log rows where the Message column contained a NULL value.
  • Grid
    The darker separator every five rows was missing.
  • Link List
    Link List would not use color for system icons.
  • Meter
    Meters would overflow the screen in smallscreen if more than 3 meters were shown per line. Meters will always be shown one per line in smallscreen mode.
  • Mobile Grid
    Row links that were inactivated by depends-on would look as if they were enabled but would not work when clicked on. They will now be hidden.
  • Swiss QR
    QR codes did not force encoding to be UTF-8.