Deprecated. Don't use for new development and try to migrate existing uses.

Type: Table-valued function

Splits the supplied string into several substrings at a specific character or sequence of characters. Each substring is returned on a separate row in the resultset.

If the supplied value is an empty string, null, or contains only blanks, then a single row with the value null is returned.

This function is deprecated since version 5.3.005. Use ADMIN_SplitString instead.


@txt mandatory text
The text that should be splitted.
@delimiter mandatory varchar(8000)
The character or character sequence to split at.


Resultset: Substrings

Each string fragment is returned on a separate row.
Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: zero or more rows
id mandatory int
The ordinal of the string fragment.
txt mandatory string
The string fragment or null if the value is empty (after trimming whitespace).