Type: Stored procedure

Only usable when system setting "JobWebServerComputerName" is set.

Used when there are multiple web servers are receiving calls to heartbeat.aspx. This procedure is called to change the web server new jobs and events are started on, usually when the first web server is down. This does not stop any already running jobs on the old server, to be certain all jobs are stopped the application pool need to be stopped.

To change the server without risking jobs running in parallel use the following process.

  1. Execute SoftadminApi.Job_Suspend
  2. Stop the application pool for the former server running the jobs and start it again, either using IISRESET or the UI. The default setting allows the application up 90 seconds to stop.
  3. SoftadminApi.Job_ResumeOnWebServer @ComputerName = <NewWebServer>
  4. Wait for the next heartbeat and verify the jobs are running.


@ComputerName mandatory varchar(1000)
Computer name of the web server where jobs should be started.