Type: Stored procedure

Login links are used to generate URLs to the login page that then forward the user to the linked menu item after login.

Normal login links require the user to log in and can be shared between many users, whereas auto-login links are individual and contain a hard-coded user ID.

This procedure creates a login link instance that you can then get a URL for with SoftadminApi.LoginLinkInstance_Url.


@LoginLinkId mandatory int
The login link to use as template for the instance.
@LoginLinkInstanceIdOut mandatory int
The ID of the generated instance. Output parameter.
@ParameterTableName optional sysname
A table with parameter values to hard-code into the login link instance. The table should have the varchar-columns [Name] and [Value]. Can be omitted if you do not need to pass parameter values.
@UserIdAutoLogin optional int
For auto-login links, the ID of the user to log in as.