Type: Stored procedure

Creates a standardized control to select a SQL module name with a warning if the name already exists in the database.

Expects a table #SoftadminGuideMultiControl created by SoftadminGuide.Parameter_MultiControl_Definition.


@ParameterName mandatory varchar(1000)
The parameter name, used to refer to this field by other fields and when getting the value from the multicontrol.
@Label mandatory varchar(1000)
The parameter label.
@WarningParameterName optional varchar(1000)
Name of the warning parameter, if it needs to be referred by another field. By default is has a autogenerated name.
@OverwriteProcedureParameterName optional varchar(1000)
Parameter name of the checkbox "Overwrite procedure".

NULL: No checkbox to overwrite the the procedure is created. The guide should either always overwrite procedures or only create new procedures.
Default: NULL
@IsMandatory optional bit
Indicates whether the module name is mandatory. 0, not mandatory.