Type: Table-valued function

Parses the values from a parameter created by SoftadminGuide.Parameter_TableJoins_Create.


@JoinParameter mandatory nvarchar(max)
The value of the parameter.


Resultset: Joins

Table count:
Row count:
Id mandatory any
A unique id, used to map the columns to the correct table.

May join on the Id column of any SoftadminGuide.ParseParameter-object, and the value of a parameter created with SoftadminGuide.Parameter_Table_Create.
ParentId mandatory any
The Id of the table to which this table is joined.
TableObjectId mandatory int
ObjectId of the table from sys.objects.
TableSchemaId mandatory int
SchemaId of the table, from sys.objects.
ParentColumnName mandatory string

Column name of the parent table in the join.

ReferencedColumnName mandatory string

Column name for this table in the join.

SortOrder mandatory int

Sort order of the join.

IsLeaf mandatory bit
This is the last table of the supplied join chain.
QuotedFullTableName mandatory string
Fully qualified table name.