Type: Scalar function

This function takes an RTF template document and optionally removes contents which may interfere with document creation using the RTF- or PDF-component.

See options descriptions for each parameter.

Return value: varbinary(max)

The processed RTF template document.


@RTFFile mandatory varbinary(max)
The RTF template document to be processed.
@RemoveSuperfluousHeadersAndFooters mandatory bit
Removes invalid empty page header and/or footer definitions that are inserted but ignored by MS Word but respected by the PDF-component resulting in some of the page headers of the final PDF-document ending up unexpectedly empty.
@RemoveWordThemeData mandatory bit
Removes ThemeData-definitions that corresponds to the predefined styles used by MS Word but are ignored by the RTF-/PDF-component.
These definitions often make up a considerable part of the total document size and should be removed to improve performance.
@RemoveAlternativeFonts mandatory bit
Removes alternative font definition that are sometimes inserted by MS Word without it having been told to do so by the user.
These alternative fonts are handled incorrectly by the PDF-component resulting in unwanted fonts being used in the final PDF-document.