Type: Stored procedure

Creates a new, empty, user-administrable credentials object or updates an existing one. Use SoftadminApi.Credentials_UpdateAccount or SoftadminApi.Credentials_UpdateSecret to insert the secret values.


@CredentialsId optional uniqueidentifier
ID of the credentials to update. Use NULL or omit to create new credentials.
@CredentialsIdOut optional uniqueidentifier
Output-parameter with the ID of the newly created credentials.
@Description optional varchar(max)
A human-readable description of the credentials.
@InternalName mandatory varchar(100)
The name used to refer to the credentials.
@Type optional varchar
The type of credentials to create. Possible values are 'Account' and 'Secret'.
When creating new credentials NULL means 'Account. It is not possible to change type of existing credentials, and you should either pass NULL or the existing type when updating.
@UserId mandatory int
ID of the user performing the update.