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Parses pain.002.001.03 files.


SELECT * INTO #P27PaymentStatus FROM SoftadminUtil.P27_Pain_PaymentStatus_Definition();

	@MessageId nvarchar(100),
	@Status varchar(30),
	@ReasonCode varchar(30),
	@AdditionalInformation nvarchar(MAX),
	@ErrorMessage nvarchar(MAX);

EXEC SoftadminUtil.P27_Pain_002_001_03_Parse
	@Varbinary = @File,
	@MessageIdOut = @MessageId OUTPUT,
	@StatusOut = @Status OUTPUT,
	@ReasonCodeOut = @ReasonCode OUTPUT,
	@AdditionalInformationOut = @AdditionalInformation OUTPUT,
	@ErrorMessageOut = @ErrorMessage OUTPUT;

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Type: Stored procedure
Area of use: General use


@AdditionalInformationOut mandatory nvarchar
@ErrorMessageOut mandatory nvarchar
Error message intended for the developer if the file could not be parsed. The procedure will also have a negative return value when errors occur.
@MessageIdOut mandatory varchar
@ReasonCodeOut mandatory varchar
@StatusOut mandatory varchar
@Varbinary optional varbinary
The file to be parsed in UTF-8 encoding. Only one of @Varbinary and @Xml should be provided.
@Xml optional xml
The file to be parsed. Only one of @Varbinary and @Xml should be provided.


Resultset: #P27PaymentStatus

A temporary table that will be filled by the procedure.
Repeat mode:
Row count: