Database Objects and Datatypes

Softadmin® supported Database Objects and Datatypes


Name Deploys Description Comment
Assembly Yes Contains code targeting the CLR. Can contain functions, procedures and custom data types defined in a CLR compatible language.
Check constraint No Constraint that verifies that only correct data can be stored in a table
Foreign key constraint No Constraint that verifies relations when storing data in related tables
Identity constraint No Constraint that creates a succession of numbers in a column of a table. This is usually used to provide a primary key.
Scalar function Yes Sql function that returns a scalar value
Stored procedure Yes Sql script stored in the database
Table No Container for tabular data
Table valued function Yes Function that returns tabular data
Trigger (DML) Yes Sql script that triggers automatically when changes are made to the contents of a table or view The table must exist in the target system for the trigger to be deployed.
View Yes Stored query that returns data from one or more tables and views


Name Description
bigint 64 bit signed integer number
binary Fixed length binary data
bit Boolean number
char Fixed length text with collation dependent encoding
date Date
datetime Date & time
datetime2 Date & time with custom precision
decimal Exact numerical value
float Double precision floating point number
hierarchyid Hierarchical data
int 32 bit signed integer number
nchar Fixed length unicode text
numeric Exact numerical value
nvarchar Unicode text of variable length
real Single precision floating point number
smallint 16 bit signed integer number
time Time with custom precision
tinyint 8 bit unsigned integer
uniqueidentifier Globally unique identifier
varbinary Variable length binary data
varchar Variable length text with collation dependent encoding (8 bits per character fixed length encoding)