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dropDownSetContentsFromPopup is used in combination with menuitemPopup. Use menuitemPopup in the "Button (javascript)" field for a dropdown in a newedit or parameter page.

From the popup menu item, create a link to a javascript menu item that calls dropDownSetContentsFromPopup. When the user clicks on the link the popup window will close and the specified information is copied to the dropdown.


This function represents legacy functionality and should never be used for new development. Use Api.setFieldValueFromPopup or the Execute component's admin_setfieldvaluefrompopup column instead.


    'Api.dropDownSetContents(''' + CONVERT(varchar(30), @id) + ''', ''' + @label + ''');' AS [JavaScript]


Api.dropDownSetContentsFromPopup(id, label)

id : String

The value that the dropdown will pass to the InsertUpdate procedure.

label : String

The value displayed in the dropdown.