Will users be logged out during a Softadmin® upgrade?

Users are typically not subject to automatic logouts during the deployment of Softadmin®, even when incorporating a new version. However, it is important to note that there may be specific scenarios that warrant exceptions to this standard practice.

If a logout is deemed necessary, such instances will be explicitly communicated in the "Items requiring attention" section in the release notes, starting with version 7.29. These logout requirements will then be carried over to subsequent deployments. Please note that these logouts are enforced for users, albeit not always in a seamless manner.

Despite the absence of automatic logouts resulting from Softadmin® version upgrades, it is advisable to schedule deployments outside of regular office hours. This precaution is especially relevant in cases involving customized modifications tailored to specific customer needs, as they can introduce potential system behavior changes that benefit from off-peak deployment periods.