Developer SSO

Where the other SSO types are intended to be used in production and staging systems developer single sign-on is intended for use in the development system. Developer SSO can be used together with other forms of single sign-on, but takes precedence when a user logs in.

Developer SSO always uses Active Directory even if normal users use another SSO provider.

How it behaves

Anyone who is a member of one of the designated security groups is considered a developer. When a developer navigates to the login page then they are automatically logged in as the Softadmin®-user matching their user name (see below. If no Softadmin®-user exists matching their name then one is created.

During login the user's UsernameFirst, UsernameLast and UserEmail are updated with current values from the SSO provider. Further, their user is flagged as a developer by setting IsAdministrator to 1.


Developer SSO is enabled by setting the system settings SingleSignOnDeveloperGroups to the list of the security groups that are developers and SingleSignOnDomainName to the correct domain.