Cookies used by Softadmin®

Cookie name: The name of the cookie, with nnn indicating a part of the name that will be randomized.

Critical: Indicates whether blocking this cookie will disrupt the system.

Duration: How long the cookie lasts. A "Session" typically lasts until you close all browser windows, but the exact time of deletion is up to each browser.

Used when: If there are special circumstances for the cookie to be used.

If blocked: What occurs if the cookie is blocked, either by the browser or a proxy.

Cookies used by Softadmin®

Cookie name Critical Duration Used when If blocked
SessionId Yes Session Always User's can't log in.
CsrfToken Yes Session CrossSiteRequestForgeryProtectionEnabled system setting enabled. User's can't log in.
SoftadminRequestnnn No Session Forwarded from a file download menu item. Forwarding is slower.
Softadmin-Original-Login-State Depends Session During login with Azure AD or Open ID Connect. Login links won't work and users are redirected to their start page.
Softadmin-Preferred-Login-Method No 3 months The user has logged in with Azure AD, Open ID Connect, or SAML. For Azure AD Mixed mode, users need to manually click Sign in with Microsoft each time.

Cookies used by Softadmin® Publish

Cookie name Critical Duration Used when If blocked
PublishSessionId Depends Session Always It becomes impossible to submit forms. Tasks can't set session variables.

Cookies used by Softadmin® Web Snippets

Cookie name Critical Duration Used when If blocked
SnippetSessionId Depends Session Always Snippets can't use session variables.