Export bundles

Export bundles can be used to create hotfix scripts to add or change functionality in another instance of the same system or to copy functionality to another system. This feature is intended to be used to quickly move small or isolated units of functionality.


Changes are applied to the target system without the need to deploy all changes. The export bundles can and should be combined with regular deploys, the export bundles are a complement to deploy parts of a system outside of the normal deploy flow to enable faster delivery of some features, for bigger units that are hard to overview it is recommended to use the regular deploy process.

Depending on the circumstances the export bundles can be used to move functionality from Development systems to Stage or Production, or Stage to Production. The least risky way to handle this is to import a export bundle from Development in Stage and then test it there before using the normal deploy process to move it to Production if the state of the instances allow it.

Development in target system

If development have been made in the target system it should be assumed no export bundles can be installed until a regular deploy has been made. Always using export bundles for hotfixes ensures future export bundles can be installed.

Database definition changes

The recommendation is to not make database definition changes using custom scripts as it is making the export process much more complex.

If database changes still has to be done the recommendation is to write scripts that can be run multiple times and add them to both "Custom scripts" and the regular "Deploy scripts".


Move the contents of the bundle to another system.

Database definition changes

Each script will only run once, if a bundle is updated new scripts should be added rather than modifying existing ones to ensure an updated bundle can be installed again.

Distributing updates

The same export bundle can be run multiple times in the same target system to install updates of the copied bundle. For example when a menu item is changed the copy script can be generated again, or more menu items may be added to the bundle.


The export bundles will create/update objects (menu items, field info, SQL procedures etc.) in the target system as if they were created/updated manually, with the advantage of them being created in one transaction, thus not having the system in a half state.


The export bundles are only usable between systems with the same version of Softadmin®. The hotfix version may differ.

Not all entities may be included, see the "View information" menu item for your versions status.

Object changes

The script will create or update all chosen objects (for example menu items, SQL procedures, field info etc.) and their related objects with the data from the source system. See the "View information" menu item to see the updated list of what related objects are scripted.