Single sign-on

In addition to its built in support for username and password login where passwords are stored hashed in the database, Softadmin® also allows authentication to handled by an external identity provider, for example Active Directory.

Using external authentication means that users do not need to remember a separate username and password for the Softadmin® system: they can sign in using the same credentials for all systems that their organization users.

In addition, for most single sing-on methods users will not need enter their username and password at all if they have previously signed into the authentication server, making access to the Softadmin® system instant.

Developer single sign-on

Developer SSO is a special kind of single sign-on that can only be used in development systems. It always uses Active Directory.

Choosing SSO technology

graph TD use_ad(Use Active Directory-based SSO) use_azuread(Use Azure AD-based SSO) use_saml(Use SAML-based SSO) use_openid(Use OpenID Connect SSO) use_plugin(Try to use a Login Plugin) no_sso(You can't use SSO) install_adfs[Configure an AD FS<br>server for SAML] have_ad{Are the users in a<br>Windows domain?} server_in_ad{Is the web server<br>in the same domain?} have_azure_ad{Are the users in <br>Azure AD?<br>} have_saml{Do you have a<br>SAML-compatible<br>Identity Provder?} have_openid{Do you have an<br>OpenID Connect<br>Identity Provider?} have_other{Do you have<br>any other Identity<br>Provider?} have_ad --> |Yes| server_in_ad have_ad --> |No| have_azure_ad server_in_ad --> |Yes| use_ad server_in_ad --> |No| install_adfs --> use_saml server_in_ad --> |No, but the domain is<br>mirrored to Azure AD| use_azuread have_azure_ad --> |Yes| use_azuread have_azure_ad --> |No| have_saml have_saml --> |Yes| use_saml have_saml --> |No| have_openid have_openid --> |Yes| use_openid have_openid --> |No| have_other have_other --> |Yes| use_plugin have_other --> |No| no_sso click use_ad href "https://documentation.softadmin.com/softadmin.aspx?id=18&articleid=4" click use_azuread href "https://documentation.softadmin.com/softadmin.aspx?id=18&articleid=5" click use_saml href "https://documentation.softadmin.com/softadmin.aspx?id=18&articleid=6" click use_plugin href "https://documentation.softadmin.com/softadmin.aspx?id=18&articleid=7" click use_openid href "https://documentation.softadmin.se/softadmin.aspx?ArticleId=f7ee871c-cc75-446a-ba96-a5d468d55697"