Stores files from Bankgirot, automatically fetched from the incoming FTP server. Only applicable when using the "FTP via Internet" and "Third party files via FTP" delivery methods.

Use the Bankgiro component in "Process files" mode to process the files.

Add row: Not allowed
Delete row: Not allowed
Foreign key: Not allowed


Name Datatype Read Write Primary key Description
BankgiroFileIncomingId int Yes No Yes Primary key.
FileName varchar(300) Yes No No Filename from Bankgirot.
Product varchar(30) Yes No No Identified by the component, based on file contents. One of

Only attempt to process files with a product supported by the component.

Files of type "BGI IMAGE" will be deleted after a week to keep disk usage down. If they need to be kept longer than that, they have to be put in another table.

If the file was found in a subdirectory, then the product is assumed to be the name of the subdirectory.
ReceivedDateTimeUtc datetime2 Yes No No When the file was retrieved from the local FTP server; not when Bankgirot put it there.
IsProcessed bit Yes No No Use the procedure SoftadminApi.BankgiroFtp_SetAsProcessed to update the status after the file has been processed.
IsTestFile bit Yes No No If the file is a test file.
IsThirdPartyFile bit Yes No No Set to 1 if the file was found in a subdirectory on the FTP server.
File varbinary(max) Yes No No File data.