Files generated by the Bankgiro component in the "FTP via Internet" and "Third party files via FTP" modes will be placed here. The files will then automatically be uploaded to Bankgirot.

Add row: Not allowed
Delete row: Not allowed
Foreign key: Not allowed


Name Datatype Read Write Primary key Description
BankgiroFileOutgoingId int Yes No Yes Primary key.
FileName varchar(300) Yes No No Filename generated by the component.
Product varchar(30) Yes No No The type of file. Currently only 'AG' can be generated.
Action varchar(30) Yes No No One of 'AgBetUnd', 'AgBetMak', and 'AgMedgivReg', depending on the file.
CreatedDateTimeUtc datetime2 Yes No No When the file was inserted into the table.
SentDateTimeUtc datetime2 Yes No No Set when the file has been sent to Bankgirot's FTP server.
IsTestFile bit Yes No No Set to 1 if the file is a test file.
IsThirdPartyFile bit Yes No No Set to 1 if the "Third party files via FTP" mode was used to place the file in the queue.
File varbinary(max) Yes No No File data.