New in Softadmin® 7.33.0

UX Features

We have created a new Image Gallery component.


Success dialogs

Previously, there was no message type to use for good news. ADMIN_Message is for errors, and ADMIN_Forward is informational (see below). Therefore the new ADMIN_SuccessMessage column has been introduced.


New JSON based pie chart

Then new Chart column in InfoSQL can be used to return charts as JSON (like the JSON based meters introduced in 7.32.001). This version ships with support for Pie charts, but future versions will also support line and bar charts.


UX Changes

Radio buttons

The design of Radio Buttons has been fine-tuned.


Editable grid

Control buttons have been shifted from the right side of each control to the top-right. They may still obscure content, but now they'll obscure the preceding row instead of the following column.

Cell editability now uses lilac as the default color, replacing the previous gold color, but custom themes might employ different colors.


Other features

Single Sign-on with OpenID Connect

We have added support for Single Sign-on using the OpenID Connect standard. Read more.


Developer features

Blame-support in the built-in version control

In version control, "blame" is a feature that helps identify who made changes to a specific line of code and when those changes were made. It's useful for tracking the history of code and understanding why certain changes were introduced.

Blame by itself is usually not useful for catching bugs, but once you have found a bug blame can help you understand how long it has been in effect. It can also be used for other tasks than tracking down bugs, such as learning when a certain feature was introduced.


Field validation on individual fields

You can still create and use system-wide validations, but the new default is to bind a validation procedure directly to each input field. This change aims to make using validations more accessible.

In the past, when implementing field validation, you needed to follow a multi-step process: create a content type, associate a validation with it, and then link the content type to your field. This method was suitable for validations applied across the system but proved cumbersome for unique field-specific validations.


Aliases for message columns

As the original column names are not self-explanatory, we have introduced new aliases, and suggest you use these aliases instead in future development.

ADMIN_ErrorMessage is the new alias for ADMIN_Message, clarifying that this is fact an error and not just any dialog.

ADMIN_InfoMessage is the new alias for ADMIN_Forward, clarifying that this will show a dialog and not just forward.

Database overview

As a precursor to integrating Tool into Softadmin®, we have added a
Database overview menu item for administrators. It will work in any system, regardless of whether Tool is enabled.

Database overview

Static PDF templates

This version introduces a new mode for the PDF component, PDF Document: Static PDF mode, that can add text and images to existing PDF documents. Future versions will add a user interface to help end users choose where on the document text should be added.

Run job menu items and procedures manually

From the Scheduled jobs grid, you can now choose to run the menu item, or execute the SQL, that belongs to the job.