New in Softadmin® 7.17.001

New features

New mobile calendar for weekday mode

This version introduces a new look for the weekday calendar when used on a mobile device.

Month overview

Mobile calendar showing all days of the month

Day details

Mobile calendar showing all meetings for a single day

Resize calendar items using the mouse

The calendar modes with time scale (that is, resources with time scale and weekdays with time scale) now have optional support for resizing calendar items by dragging their start and end time.

You can control for which calendar items the feature is enabled, but any calendar item that supports drag and drop to resize must also support drag and drop to move.

This feature only works on the desktop, not on mobile.

Set start- and end-time for the time picker

The Time and Datetime controls have a time picker containing suggested times. By default, this contains a list of all times from 00:00 to 23:30. You can now choose a different start- and end-time, for example if you’re only expecting users to want to pick meeting times during work hours.

This is still just a suggestion: users are able to enter times outside this span by manually typing them.

Time picker that starts at 9:00 instead of at 0:00

Date controls support relative max- and min-dates

In earlier versions the date and datetime controls allowed you to specify fixed max and min dates that the user is allowed to enter. You can now choose to use relative dates instead, for example “No new meetings can be booked earlier than today.”

Date picker where only dates from today on are valid

Zip Archive component gains unzip mode

The Zip Archive component has gained a new Unzip mode in addition to its existing Zip mode. It is intended for integrations where data that the system needs to import is stored in a Zip archive on the remote server.

Internal changes and development features

Choose TLS version for Web Service Call

By default the Web Service Call component uses whatever TLS settings are configured on the web server that Softadmin® runs on. You can now override the TLS version for a given web service, for example if one of the web services requires a different TLS version than all the others.

Import JavaScript files from InfoSQL

Previously the only way to import a JavaScript file was to use the ICustomPage class from a page plugin. Not very convenient.

InfoSQL has now gained the columns ExternalJavaScriptUrl to import scripts from another server and LocalJavaScriptUrl to import scripts from the admin/customization folder.

Web snippet paths are now relative to "Web site URL"

This allows you to have different web site directory structures in development and production, and your registered paths no longer need to repeat a common prefix.

If e.g. "Web site URL" is then the path /c now refers to and not as previously.