New in Softadmin® 7.32.001

UX Changes

Sort indicator in grid

The Grid component will now show an indicator on the first column the grid has been sorted on. This feature only works when the grid is set to sort in the application.


Signature control in a popup on mobile

The Signature control will now open in a popup when used on a mobile device.


HTML Editor

The HTML Editor has been updated to TinyMCE 6 and had its design tuned slightly.


Editable grid will not show the Edit button if there are no editable cells

If you have a Grid: Editable Grid mode, but have used some combination of Row_IsEditable and <colname>_IsEditable to disable editing in all cells, then the toggle-Edit-mode button will be removed from the toolbar.

UX Features

The Link List: Link cards mode is an alternate view for the Link List component, which displays each link as a huge card. It is useful when you have a handful of links.


Node Graph

The Node Graph component is used for viewing and editing entity-relationship graphs. In future releases it will be used to port the Softadmin® Map interface into each system's admin menu items.


New meters

The existing InfoSQL support for meters requires you to create field information for the meter, as well as a separate stored procedure to fetch its data. This version introduces the Meter InfoSQL column, where the InfoSQL procedure can instead return JSON that describes the data in the meter.

These new meters have also been given a new design.


In the future all existing field info based meters, will be ported to the new design as well.

Other changes

Enterprise Search: Increased weight for exact matches

Enterprise Search uses weights to rank its search results. For example, when indexing email, you can assign weight 1 to the body and 10 to the subject, making matches in the subject more important.

In this version, the Enterprise Search index now allows you to assign a separate weight to exact matches of a word. By default, an exact match will be given a weight of +1 of a partial match, so in the example above, an exact match in the subject gets a weight of 11.

We expect this to lead to slightly better search results, and that the default weights will be sufficient for most systems.

Developer Features

Validate parameters will now always be called

When validate parameters is enabled for a menu item, its procedure will be called with @ValidateParams = 1 before the menu item is opened, and you can use Admin_Force or Admin_Message to show a message to the end user.

In earlier versions, this feature could only be used when a menu item had a visible parameter page. Now it can be used for all menu items. This allows you to, for example, use Admin_Force before running components that by themselves do not support force, like the RTF Document component.

Web Service Call request logging

You can now enable logging of the Web Service Call component, and fine tune these settings for each instance and method.