New in Softadmin® 7.22.001

User interface changes

Redesigned login page


Support for a custom phrase on the login page

We have added an extra language phrase to show text on the login page if desired. This is in addition to the already existing phrases for the login page.

Phrase ID Shown when Introduced in
111 119 Always 7.22.1
100 043 When the password fields are hidden 7.6.1
100 042 When the password fields are hidden or when the user is not a member of the correct AD groups 7.6.1

Login page with the phrase "Contact if you need access"

Redesigned Grid component

The design of the grid component has been updated. Its mobile mode and editable grid mode will be updated in future versions.

New design for grid

The grid's column picker has also been updated:

New design for column picker

Redesigned alerts

The design of alert boxes has been updated.

Redesigned alert box

Optional character counter for text area

You can now choose to show a live character counter for the Textarea control. You can use this instead of writing something like "Max 300 characters" in the description to the right of the control. Ideally, though, lenght limits should be so generous that users do not run into them in normal use.

alt text

Though tempting you should not use this for SMS messages. An SMS message is limited to 160 characters if you only use characters in the GSM character set but the limit falls to 70 characters otherwise, and this feature counts characters based on the nvarchar database data type, not GSM characters.

Developer features

Use system icons to set icon on info boxes

You can use icons in info boxes, both next to the title and next to individual values. Setting an icon on a value only supports system icons while setting a value on a title previously only supported using an icon ID. Requiring knowledge of internal icon IDs is less than ideal so we have added support for using system icons for the box title as well.

An example of icons next to box title and next to a value.

Save-buttons that do not require mandatory fields to be filled

Normally the NewEdit component requires a user to fill in all mandatory fields before they are allowed to save. You can now create special save buttons that bypass the mandatory checks to e.g. build custom save-as-draft functionality.

Three buttons, Save, Save as Draft and Cancel

Set system logotype directly from the menu dropdown procedure

There is already support for having dynamic logotypes based on a SQL procedure, but if all you need to is to change the logotype based on the value of a single menu dropdown then you can now use the special columns LogotypeUrl and LogotypeUrlMinimized from the dropdown procedure instead of having to write a separate logotype procedure.


You can use the speial column ADMIN_RefreshMenu from a NewEdit's Insert/Update procedure to force the list of menu groups and dropdowns in the sidebar to update, if, for example, the insert operation has given the user access to more menu groups or options than they had previously.

Improvements to the help system

  • The design of help pages has been updated.
  • To organize help pages, help administrators can now create folders and link to other help pages.
  • Help readers now only see folders and general help pages in the tree.