New in Softadmin® 7.21.001

Internet Explorer is no longer supported!

This version removes support for all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. End users on Windows should switch to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

User Interface changes

This version contains part of the new design but is not the final version. The versions following it will continue contain further design changes.

New menu and header

The design for the menu as well as the page headers has been changed.



This user profile has been moved from the right of the header to the bottom of the menu.

The menu can now be collapsed using the << button.

New InfoSQL design

There is a new design for InfoSQL. What would've been shown as separate boxes in the old design are now merged into a single large box, with separators between.


New icon design and new icons

We've upgraded to a new icon library with more icons and a slightly different look. Existing icons will be migrated to an equivalent icon in the new icon library.

We've also grouped the icons into Recommended, Common, and Uncommon to make it easier to choose.

Icons from the Communication category:

Icons groupd into Recommended, Common, and Uncommon

Badge changes

Most components no longer suggest a default action icon. To reduce the visual elements and give the end user a better overview badges are now created where they are needed instead of everywhere. Only the components NewEdit, Detailview and Download file will have a default badge, the remaining components will only have a badge if set explicitly. All existing menu items will keep their current badges.

There is now support for marking a top link as a menu item's primary top link, giving it a color highlight and making it the first link in the list (if its sort order did not already put it at the front.)

A picture of many top links where the first uses the primary link color and the rest are gray.

You make a link the primary link to help guide the end user.

  • For a conventional grid menu item you should usually make the New xxx link the primary link.
  • If all top links are of roughly equal importance then you should leave the menu item without a primary link, rather than arbitrarily picking one.
  • A multipart should usually only have one primary link in total, not one per part.

New window title

In old versions, the title of the browser window is "<System Name> - <Menu Item> - <Entity Name>", for example "Southwater - Show user details - Bob Smith". This does not work out very well when using tabs in modern browsers: tabs are so narrow that the end result is that only the system name is visible.

In this version we've reversed order, changing to "<Entity Name> - <Menu Item> - <System Name>" to help users tell their tabs apart by putting the most unique part of the title first.

You can use the setting WindowTitleOrder if you prefer the old order.

Disabled checkboxes in grid

There are two different reasons that you don't want to allow a user to check the checkbox on a given grid row:

  1. The grid contains rows that are of a different kind, and checking some of the kinds does not make sense.
  2. This grid contains rows of the same kind, but some of them currently have a status that disallows editing them.

In old versions you had only one way to handle both these cases: hide the checkbox. We've now introduced the ability to disable checkboxes instead, and also show a tooltip explaining why the checkbox is disabled. You should hide checkboxes for case a), when there is no way the row could ever be checked, and disable checkboxes for case b), when the row could have been checked if it had another status.

Grid where project management has no checkbox and secret project x has a disabled checkbox with a tooltip explaining why it is disabled.

In the example above, project management and meetings are mandatory parts of each sprint and can not be moved, and secret project X has been committed and is therefore not allowed to move to another sprint.


Procedures and functions for generating pain.001 files and parsing pain.002 and camt.054 files have been added.

These file types roughly cover the same functionality as the LBIN, LBUT, and BGI actions of the Bankgiro component.

Export bundles

This version contains an early version of export bundles: a new way of scripting hotfixes and minor features between dev, stage, and production without having to do a full deploy. As the feature has not yet been widely tested in the field we recommend you only use it for scripting between dev and stage for now.

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