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  • This component is not suitable for users that require assistive technologies. This component is not suitable for users who require assistive technologies.

Interacts with Bankgirot and generates and parses related files.

Component modes: Bankgiro Link | Process files | Generate files | FTP via Internet | Third party files via FTP

Component mode: Third party files via FTP

Sends third party files to Bankgirot. Tamper protection is applied to the files before sending.

The system settings in the "Bankgiro FTP" category must be set.

Note. Make sure that incoming (response) files will be placed in a subdirectory. Otherwise the files will not have IsThirdPartyFile set, and the product will be set to UNKNOWN in SoftadminApi.BankgiroFileIncoming.

Bankgiro, plusgiro, and bank account numbers

For bankgiro and plusgiro columns, the component will strip the characters '.', '-', and ' '. All other non-numeric characters will result in an error. The resulting number must contain 10 digits or less.

Bank account numbers should start with the clearing number (four digits) followed by the account number. For clearing numbers with five digits (Swedbank), do not include the fifth digit.


SQL Call: Get files to send (mandatory)

May modify database: Yes


@Action string
Set to 'Init' for this call.

Resultset: Files to send

Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: zero or more rows


Action mandatory string
Action. Will be provided in the 'File put in outgoing queue' call.
File mandatory binary
The file to send.
Filename mandatory string
Filename to use.
Product mandatory string
Product name.

SQL Call: File put in outgoing queue

Called once for each file put in the outgoing queue.

May modify database: Yes


@Action string
The action specified for this file.
@BankgiroFileOutgoingIdGenerated int
The generated ID in SoftadminApi.BankgiroFileOutgoing.

SQL Call: Validate parameters

Allows you to validate the parameters supplied by the user before any other SQL is run in the component. This call is only made if the component has visible parameters, the SQL is a stored procedure, and 'Validate parameters' is checked.

May modify database: No


@Force bit
Set to 1 if the last call to validate parameters used admin_force and the user clicked OK in the OK/Cancel dialog.
@ValidateParams bit
Set to 1 when this call is made.

Resultset: Messages (optional)

Table count: repeated zero or one time
Row count: zero or one row


ADMIN_Force optional string
Message asking the end user to confirm their parameters.
ADMIN_Message optional string
Message explaining why the parameters are rejected.

Custom access control and logging

SQL Call: Custom access control and logging

Use this call to restrict which entries a user is allowed to view and edit, and to log which entries a user views.

Access to a menu item is normally controlled through functions and roles alone but some entities need more fine grained control. For example, a user may have access to the View Member menu item for normal members but not for members with a protected identity.

The menu items a user visits are always logged (in ADMINLogMenuItem) but for sensitive data you may need to log exactly what entries are viewed. Do the logging in this call as the common ways of viewing data (grid and InfoSQL) are not allowed to modify the database.

If you bind a scalar function instead of a stored procedure to this call then its name must end with '_GrantAccess'.

May modify database: Yes

Resultset: Access permissions

Return whether the user is allowed to visit the menu item with the current parameters.
Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: exactly one row


GrantAccess mandatory bit
1 if the user is allowed to view the menu item, 0 if the user should not be allowed to view the menu item.

If 0 then an error will be logged as the user should not have been able to reach the menu item with the given parameters in the first place.

Querystring parameters

menuitemheading optional
String that replaces the menu item name when the menu item is loaded. It does not replace the name before that (like for example in the navigator). It is ignored if the menu item is displayed as a part in a multipart in which case the name can be set from the multipart procedure.