Guide development

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This feature is a beta preview. Undocumented changes may occur.

Developers may create their own guides in addition to the ones that are distributed with Softadmin®. This section refers to creating new guides, not using existing guides for development.

A guide consists of 2 steps. The guide first specifies all parameters it needs as input from guide user in the "Get parameters"-call. Then it is uses this input to generate objects in the "Create objects"-call.

The procedures and functions in SoftadminGuide can be used to generate parameters and create objects. The procedures from this schema must be used to create or alter objects, for example SoftadminGuide.SqlModule_Create.


SQL Call: Get parameters (mandatory)

The component asks what parameters should be generated for user input.

May modify database: No


@Action string
Will be set to 'GetParameters' for the get parameter call.

Resultset: Parameters

A resultset with the columns created by SoftadminGuide.Parameter_MultiControl_Definition.
Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: zero or more rows


SQL Call: Create objects (mandatory)

The component wants to create objects.

May use [SoftadminGuide.ReturnCode_NoLogging] as return value to suppress logging, for example when showing error messages.

May modify database: No


@Action string
Will be set to 'CreateObjects' for the create objects call.
@GuideLogId int
The guide log id used by procedures used to create objects.
@MultiControlParametersTableName string
Table name of the multi-control created for the parameters.