Runs JavaScript code that is the result of an SQL query.

This component is always run in the hidden frame but the JavaScript code executes in the frame of the previous visible menu item.

Security considerations

When using user-entered data as part of the JavaScript you are in danger of JavaScript injection.

To avoid injection risks you can use the parameter columns to pass values to your script.

    'thirdPartyApi.showMap(street, city, country)' AS JavaScript,
    StreetAddress AS street,
    CityName AS city,
    CountryName AS country


SQL Call: JavaScript (mandatory)

May modify database: No

Resultset: JavaScript

Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: exactly one row
JavaScript mandatory string
The JavaScript code to execute. Must be the first column in the table.
<parameterName> optional any
Any additional columns will become parameters with the same name made available to the JavaScript. The column name must start with a lowercase letter and may only contain letters, digits, or underscores.