File upload area

File control for uploading multiple files. Supports drag and drop.

Files will be passed to the InsertUpdate procedure in a temporary table with the columns FileId, FileName, ContentType and File.

Start value: Existing files JSON. (7.29 and forward)
Return value: Temporary table #<fieldname>
Supported in: NewEdit

Existing files

The control may be pre-filled with files by providing the file information in JSON from the GetEditFields procedure. Existing files will use the FileId column and will have NULL in all other columns when saving. The data should be in the following format:

	"fileId": 1,
	"fileName": "Reports.txt",
	"contentType": "text/plain",
	"contentSize": "123"
	"fileId": 2,
	"fileName": "ImportantReports.txt",
	"contentType": "text/plain",
	"contentSize": "12345"

Supported properties

fileId: Id of the file. (mandatory)

fileName: Name of the file. (mandatory)

contentSize: Size of the file in bytes. (mandatory)

contentType: Content type of the file. (optional)

Example SQL

		Id AS FileId,
		FileName AS FileName,
		ContentType AS ContentType,
		DATALENGTH(FileData) AS ContentSize
) AS FileUploadArea