Control: Datetime

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Lets the user choose both a date and a time using either the keyboard input or by graphically selecting a date from a calendar and a time from a dropdown.

The supported keyboard input formats and the display format are controlled through language phrases 90560, 90561, 90570 and 90571, which are visible and editable in all projects.

Start value: The date and time to display when the page loads or NULL to leave it blank.
Return value: The date and time chosen by the user or NULL if the user didn't select a date and time.

Control container: NewEdit

Supported in: NewEdit Parameter page Multirow

Default value

SQL Call: Default value

Retrieves the default value for the control.
Supports custom errors: No
May modify database: No

Resultset: Default value

Repeat mode: repeated exactly once
Row count: exactly one row


<column with ordinal 1> mandatory string
The default value


SQL Call: Validation

Performs field validation when the user leaves the field or one of its dependencies is changed. This call is only made if there is a field validation of type SQL set for the field info.
Supports custom errors: No
May modify database: No


@Value mandatory string
The value of the field, the procedure will not be called if value is NULL.

Resultset: Validation messages

Repeat mode: repeated zero or one time
Row count: zero or one row


Error optional string
Error message to display. Blocks the user from saving.
Info optional string
Informative message to display. Does not block saving.